About Empire Bakery

Empire Bakery is a well established company with many years of experience.  We specialize in custom design cakes for Weddings, Birthdays and corporate events. Our unique taste comes from original European homemade recipes.  (more…)

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            Our Services

            Birthday Cakes

            253315_457973997626878_929097738_nACelebrating a birthday and want a cake that will be the center piece of the party? Something memorable and special for a surprise party? You name it – we can create it. We are one of the leading creators of Birthday cakes Toronto, and offer a great variety of spectacular sweet desserts that will delight your guests and energize your party. Birthdays are important occasions, when we want to say thank you to our friends and family and express this gratitude (more…)

            Cakes Ideas

            Cake Flavor Ideas TorontoLooking for new and exciting cake flavors? Are you tired of the same vanilla and chocolate choices? Whether you need a wedding cake or a birthday cake, at Empire Bakery we offer exciting wedding, kids, custom and birthday cake ideas of flavors that will surely be the talk of the party. We specialize in European inspired recipes and we can guarantee that all our cakes will be the perfect amount of sweet! We have cakes for everybody’s taste buds! (more…)

            Kids Cakes

            20150509_190423ANothing can be more fun than hosting your child’s birthday. It can also be a daunting task if you have no idea what to get them. One of the most important items during a celebration is a kids birthday cake! No birthday is complete without one and for your child it can spark creativity and curiosity if they’re cake is something they know and love like a toy or favorite television character. (more…)

            Custom Cakes

            Order Unique Birthday Cake in North YorkLooking for a cake that will have a personal signature and a present of its own? We know how you feel and we can deliver exactly what you want and need. We have years of experience in making custom cakes in Toronto, we have familiarized ourselves with the trends to help give ideas and know what works. Even more we can fit any reasonable budget. You tell us what you are looking for in a cake and we will give you many options on creating this cake for different budgets. (more…)

            Wedding Cakes

            20141001_193242APlanning a wedding and got to the cake stage? Some people don’t expect it but it turns out that the choice of the wedding cake, in Toronto especially, can be a tricky choice, no less important than choosing a banquet hall and even the wedding dress. The wedding cake is often an elegant multi-tiered sculpture that blends with the coloring and theme of the wedding and used to overall enhance the decorative details. (more…)