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Wedding Cakes

20141001_193242APlanning a wedding and got to the cake stage? Some people don’t expect it but it turns out that the choice of the wedding cake, in Toronto especially, can be a tricky choice, no less important than choosing a banquet hall and even the wedding dress. The wedding cake is often an elegant multi-tiered sculpture that blends with the coloring and theme of the wedding and used to overall enhance the decorative details.

The wedding cake will surely find itself in every wedding album and many of the guests will enjoy having their pictures taken with it. Your kids and other members of the family will love recalling it while looking at those photos. It is a symbol of happy prosperity that will be the memory of the new family for years to come. At Empire Bakery we are an expert in Toronto’s wedding cake scene and know all the trends, styles and flavors you can imagine. We approach the subject with a mix of gentle reverence, expert professionalism and love, and offer you a cake that will not only be a delicacy but also an object of admiration and a perfect symbol of sweet happiness!

Screenshot_2013-12-24-11-42-48 (1)We have been creating wedding cakes Toronto for years now and we do special projects, which we proudly display in our gallery. An example of one of our larger projects is working with the food network and making some of our famous Napoleon cakes for their television show.  Take a look at our gallery and be impressed with the variety and attention to detail that are the pride of all of our creations. We are proud to tell our customers that their budget is the first thing we have in mind. Let us know your budget and we will give you many options as to how we can make your vision come true with the budget you are comfortable with.

Designing a wedding cake happens in three main steps. First choose a shape between round, square or whatever you can imagine then think to the display of the cake with separate tiers, stacked, slanted or all together. Then decide on size, which will vary depending on the scale of the event (but don’t worry, we can make Styrofoam tiers to still elegantly impress your guests with a big beautiful cake but for a smaller budget).  And the last, but not the least, wedding toppers are very popular and we encourage our clients to choose one. We are pleased to offer many different posses, some traditional and some humorous and even custom toppers that use a picture of the actual bride and groom and put that put their faces on these toppers.

From here on, the technical part is over and imagination can rule the day! Colors, flavors and decorations wildly vary and we will accommodate most any choice you can come up with. Decorative icing flowers, different tires can have different fillings and toppings, allowing guests to choose their pleasure and anyone partake in the culinary festivity to suit their personal taste.